There are two keys to achieving improved health for your dog: Conditioning & Nutrition

Regularly engaging in a structured conditioning program will improve your dog's health for a longer, happier, injury-free life.

Meet ACAP Pet.

Now available in the app stores.

The Advanced Canine Athletic Program Pet program, or ACAP Pet for short, is a program designed to assist pet owners in conditioning their dogs. Finally, there's a fitness program for dogs that you can do from the luxury of your own home.

    All the knowledge you need to help your dog live a longer, happier, healthier life is right at your fingertips.



    • Targeted exercises.

      Backed by science, demonstrated by professionals.

    • Curated workouts.

      Designed for all types of dogs and owners.

    • Educational Content.

      Taught by the experts who created ACAP Pet.


    • Improved fitness.

      So your dog can live a more active lifestyle.

    • Healthier, longer life.

      Achieve peak cardiovascular fitness and muscular strength.

    • Quality time with your dog.

      Spend up to 30 minutes a day training your best friend.

    Workouts designed to help your dog reach his or her peak performance.

    How it works:

    ACAP Pet App provides you with a detailed, easy-to-follow schedule for you and your dog. Within the app there are three conditioning categories that focus on increasing your pet’s capacity in the Power, Sprint and Aerobic arenas.

    When you create your ACAP Pet account, you will fill out a short questionnaire that will help us determine which of the three conditioning categories best suits your and your pet's current needs and goals.

    You will then be given access to your dog's daily workout plan. Each day, your dog's workout will include simple instructions and short exercise videos to follow. The workouts are designed to fit your busy schedule, and are no longer than 30 minutes in duration.

    In addition to the workouts, you will have access to educational content covering topics such as safety, thermoregulation, heat injury prevention, nutrition, hydration, canine physiology, metabolism, and more.

    Expert Video

    Learn from the Pros

    Educational Videos

    The ACAP Pet App includes educational content videos with instruction led by expert trainers, handlers and veterinarians. These educational videos are based on scientific research from the veterinary community and provide valuable information that every pet owner should know. 

    Exercise Videos

    Each exercise in the ACAP Pet program workouts comes with a short video demonstration featuring the expert handlers and their working dogs. Help your dog stay healthy and receive the maximum benefit from our program by ensuring that your dog completes each exercise as it is intended.

    Based on thousands of hours of research, ACAP Pet is guaranteed to provide insight and education for you and healthy results for your dog.

    Try ACAP Pet today for free.


    With the new ACAP Pet app, your dog’s fitness plan and all the knowledge you need to help your dog live a longer, happier, healthier life are right at your fingertips.

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